Monday, 21 May 2012

Another World

Mon 21st. Today we left Italy and have bunked down for the night in Monte Carlo. Our day started in heavy rain in La Spezia so we decided to hit the Autostrada to get some quick miles on the clock rather than meander thru winding roads. We left the autostrada in Genoa, a large port city and then followed the secondary roads thru the Italian Riviera, arriving in Monaco at 4pm after a journey of over 300kms. Unfortunately the weather was poor to average for most of the journey, but didn't detract from the trip too much. Monaco certainly shows signs of affluence with tidy streets and gardens and grand buildings. They are gearing up for the F1 Grand Prix at the end of the week and you can see the preparations already made for the track. We managed to stay out of the Casino but Rose had to have her photo taken with a flash Maseratti parked outside. If you like cars and boats, this is the place to be with many fine boats docked in the marina and an array of Ferraris, Bentleys, Rolls Royces, Maserattis, Mercedes, Maybachs and Porsches roaming the streets along with garden variety BMW's and Audis. The prices in the shops are pretty high so the girls have stowed away the credit cards for 24 hours. Yeehaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

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