Thursday, 17 May 2012

Under the Tuscan Sun

Thur 17th. After some hectic travelling and sightseeing so far, we all decided a day of rest was in store. Luckily it concided with our best weather day in Tuscany. The girls broke out the togs and we spent the day reading and relaxing by the pool. The water in the pool could be described as fresh and invigorating and caused the Chauffeur to resemble many of the statues seen in recent days. Unfortunately this physical resemblance did not apply to the abs. Tonight we are returning to a lovely little Italian family restaurant in the village, where we had a great meal the other night. The hospitality of the Italians has been one of the highlights on the trip so far. We are loving our cottage here and the peace and quiet of the surrounds. Although this has changed a bit this afternoon with the arrival of some loud Yanks, but I am sure the Chauffeur will sort them out if they get too annoying. Tomorrow is a toss up between a trip to Lucca and another rest day. Watch this space!

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