Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Into Provence

Wed 23rd. Because of late night last night we had a leisurely start to the day at our Hotel du Clos in Le Rouret. Breakfast in the garden was a nice way to get things underway. Our journey today was 170kms to Aix en Provence, a large university town famous for Paul Cezanne, the artist. It was an easy trip down thru the countryside with the roads in France considerably wider than they are in Italy, resulting in far fewer underpant threatening moments. There were so many vineyards on the way that it is hard to imagine that this area produces only a small part of the wine for France. Aix en Provence is a bustling town and our hotel is just a 100 metres from the main area and close to the shops and market. Great! Tonight we are dining with some English fiends of Liz and Rose, who they first met nearly 30 years ago in their cricket days. Merrin and Kaye have coincided their holiday to catch up with us, which is great. We will update you on this front tomorrow, but the Chauffeur has been looking to buy some ear plugs given that he is dining with four women tonight. The photo of the day shows the girls outside the perfumerie in Grasse.

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