Friday, 18 May 2012

Franca's, Italy's Best Ristorante

Fri 18th. We have met some very nice people on our travels, and this is Franca, owner and chef of the Osteria Lo Ziro restaurant in Impruneta, who is one of them. We have had two special Tuscan dinners at Franca's and are heading back there tonight for our last meal in Tuscany. The food has to be some of the best that the Chauffeur has tasted anywhere in the world. Franca speaks little English and despite our very limited Italian we have had no trouble in communicating with her and meeting her and dining at her restaurant will remain in our memories for a long time to come.
Another kind experience occurred on our first night in Impruneta. We were walking the short distance into town for a meal when it started raining heavily and we took shelter under a tree. A lady who was out walking went into her house and returned with umbrellas and offered them to us. Again, she did not speak English but her kind gesture blew us away. These are examples of the friendliness that we have received from the Italians as we have travelled thru their country.

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