Sunday, 20 May 2012

Cinque Terre

Sunday 20th. We got an earlier than scheduled wakeup call at 4am when an earthquake rattled thru La Spezia. It was centred at Bologna, a town we travelled thru a week ago and caused some damage in that area. We got a fairly good shake here and for a moment thought we were back in Chch. Back to the holiday, we caught the ferry out to the Cinque Terre villages and explored 3 of the 5, plus Portovenere, missing on Riomaggiore and Corniglia as the weather closed in and became wet and cold. While we all certainly enjoyed the experience perhaps it may have been more spectacular if the weather had been better. Because of the inclement weather we were unable to walk between any of the villages which was a bit disappointing. Tomorrow we say Ciao to Itsly and head to Monaco. Arrivederci.

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  1. Hi rose, Liz and Steve, just been catching up with your travels over the last few days. Tuscany looks amazing and it was a shame the weather was average for your visit to Cinque Terre. Brent & I took Lyn to Auckland for the weekend visiting. All is well here beaut frost this morning. Hope you have made your fortune at the casino tonight!! Look forward to viewing your next posts Love Jude, Brent & Ryan.