Monday, 14 May 2012

Onward to Tuscany

Sunday 13th. A cold day dawned in Brunate but our blood pressure was soon increased by our trip away from our hotel. Once again we ran the gauntlet of extremely narrow roads as we came down off the hill. The roads are pretty narrow here at the best of times, especially as we are staying of the motorways to better experience the villages and the countryside, but this road in and out of Brunate was something else. Imagine driving down your hallway, at a steep angle with s bends and switchbacks and with the odd car coming at you from the other direction, well that was driving at Brunate. Whew!!!!! But thanks to the exceptional driving skills of the multi lingual Chauffeur, and our talented GPS system - Lady Penelope, we left the area without a scratch on our Peugeot. Amazing!!!! Our trip south to Tuscany was undertaken in cold and wet weather and took us thru some average scenery and some even more average cities such as Milan, Parma & Modena. They all looked pretty grungy and has reinforced our decision to spend more of our time in the countryside. We are staying in Impruneta, a few kms out of Florence at the Villa L'Olmo, a working olive farm and vineyard. Check it out on - Our accommodation has exceeded our expectations and is a great two bedroom cottage with its own swimming pool. Pity the temperatures have dropped to the mid teens and we are back in our warmer clothing. Rose is rapt to have her own room with a double bed. The photo shows the front of our cottage.

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