Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Day 1 - Dubai

Wed 2nd.  Arrive in around 4-30am local time after close to 20 hours in the air.  Good flight over with no dramas.  Went to post this blog at 6pm and found blog can't be uploaded here in Dubai due to restrictions. Damn!!!!  Got a sneaky work around but can't post photo of girls outside mosque. Graham gave us a great tour of the city.  Big place.  Visited the 7's rugby ground and the ICC cricket complex where we caught up with Dayle Hadlee, who had coached Liz & Rose, and who I had played with in the Canterbury cricket team many years ago. Also short visit to the gold market, but we soon got sick of the badgering by the eager sellers.  Whew, that will save some money!!! A bit hot for the girls with temperatures hitting 41 degrees today.  Won't be long out of bed tonight.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLS - hope you have a fantastic day and look fab in your frocks tonight. Love Jude

  2. Hey guys hope you have had a great time in Dubai. Had a phone call from Jill this morning - she is struggling with posting a comment on your blog - its a bit tricky so she is going to email you on Steve's e-mail address. Look forward to reading your next update. Love Jude