Thursday, 17 May 2012

Out & About in Tuscany

Wed 16th. This started out as a pretty tough day for the Chauffeur. First there was extreme difficulty (abject failure actually) in getting the girls out of their beds for an early start on the road to Siena some 60 kms away. Then he forgot the ipad that allows you to view the picture of the day. Next was falling foul of a carbineri with his speed camera as he tried to make up for lost time. And lastly, upon arival in Siena to be met with so many vehicles circling to try and find a car park it was like watching a large school of pirranha fish pouncing on a fresh T bone steak. With so little chance of finding a park we decided to head 30 kms to San Gimignano, an old walled town with narrow alleyways (yes, more of them) and tall smoke stack like towers protruding into the sky. SG was a pretty special place to visit and has probably been the favourite in Italy for the Chauffeur. On the way to SG, we stopped into the castle at Montiriggione, where we had lunch and again wandered the cobblestoned streets. After SG, we decided to head back to Siena in a hope that a lot of the tourists had gone home. Fortunately they had and we were able to explore the streets and famed palazzo without too many numptys getting in the way. There were also a couple of old churches and a number of handbag shops to view. We finished the day successfully with dinner in a cafe in the palazzo as the sun was setting. How romantic! sorry about the photo, it is from todays lunch as explained earlier.

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