Friday, 11 May 2012

Lake Maggiore

Fri 11th. A more relaxing day today with no travel involved. Our first stop after a leisurely breakfast at our very nice B&B was off to the world famous Isola Bella gardens on an island just out from the town of Stresa. There was a large palace constructed in the 1600's with these amazing gardens as part of the whole place. Great views , perfect weather and an amazing place. We are not faced with too many tourists as this is early in the tourist season.  The girls have been well retrained in their shopping so far, although a man at one shop asked the Chauffeur if "Is this is all you do all day, sit and wait ?". Chauffeur has earned a number of green cards for his patience, baggage handling and intrpretation, although he is having more difficulty with Italiano than with French. Ciao


  1. Hey mum,liz and steve, sorry its a bit late but ive only just worked out how to use this thing. Hope everythings good and happy mothers day for tomorrow. Pictures look great


  2. Hey Rose, Liz and Steve. This looks like the most amazing trip ever! Hope your having a blast.

    Rose was just commenting to say that the house sitting is going brilliant and Molly is still alive and kicking:)


    Bridge xx

  3. No parties eh Bridge ... :) Don't worry Rose, just winding her up!!

    1. well sadly Jenny thats a bit late;) hahaha