Monday, 28 May 2012


Mon 28th. Today was our final travel day by road from St Maxime to Nice. It started off in brilliant Mediteranean sunshine and finished with a catastrophe for the Chauffeur at the end of the journey. The trip around the coastline was very picturesque and we stopped in Cannes on the way for lunch with our friends Lech & Lynne, who have a fabulous apartment overlooking the bay. They took us into town, which was still buzzing from the Cannes Film Festival finale the night before. Cannes was impressive, but not as impressive as the superb lunch provided by Lynne and the first class wine selection provided by Lech after our little sojourn into town. We were also shown around the amazing gardens of their apartment complex. A most enjoyable afternoon, with tremendous hospitality from our hosts. We left Cannes at 6.30pm for our short trip to Nice. It was heartbreaking for the Chauffeur that after 2800kms of travel on the trip without incident, and the day before Pierre the Peugeot is returned, an altercation with a concrete post as we descended into the gloomy, narrow catacombe like bowels of the hotel car park left Pierre with a scrapped mudguard. Bugger!!!!! We finished the day with another nice stroll along the Promenade d'Anglais to give us a bit of a feel for Nice so that we can explore it tomorrow.

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